4 x 280Wh Package w/ Quad Battery Charger - Select Gold Mount or V-Mount

The 280Wh Battery Kit 
includes our 4 Channel Charger and 4 x 280Wh Batteries (choose Gold Mount or V-Mount).

The 280Wh batteries include power ports, a D-Tap and USB port along with an LCD screen displaying the remaining battery life precisely in minutes along with your current operating voltage. The size of our 280Wh batteries are only slightly larger then our 230's weighing in at just 3 pounds

The 280Wh batteries are the largest batteries in the industry, each battery will run a 45Watt Camera for about 8 hours.

This kit includes:

(4) - 280Wh batteries

(1) - Quad charger with integral 60 Watt camera power station

(1) - US 120V AC Cord (220v Available on request)

(1) - 4 Pin XLR power supply cord included.

*This kit saves you 10%off our original prices!



  • -Available in Gold Mount or V-Mount

    -3 pounds, 6.3" long x 4" wide x  3" deep

    -Voltage: 14.8V / DC: 16.75

    -D-Tap Port

    -USB Port - charge your cell phone on set!


    *This kit saves you 10% off our original prices! 

    About the Quad Charger:

    The Intellytech IT-4X Quad Charge is the perfect companion for our Socanland batteries along with many other battery brands. Users will notice the super slim design compared to other Quad chargers on the market making it a great for traveling. The unit charges batteries at a rate 50% faster than most chargers. The charger also features indicator lights to give more feedback to the user while charging. This can also be used as an AC Adapter to power other products up to 15V.

     *Available in Gold Mount or V-Mount. Just select below on the right hand side.


    Input: AC 100V-240V 50HZ-60HZ

    Output: One Battery = DC 16.8V/4A  / Two Batteries = DC 16.8V/3A / Adapter = 15V/4.5A

    Dimensions: 10"(length) x 6.5" (height) x 4.75" (width)  / 6 Pounds

    Indicators: Features 5 indicators, one for each battery. Shows red while charging and green when fully charged. Also features Adapter indicator.

    Includes: AC power cord and XLR Power Cord for Adapter use.