Gondor DSLR Rig GD-DC-02

Gondor DSLR Rig Kit DC-02



  • DSLR CAGE (GD-DC-01) 5D2/5D3/DSLR cage X 1
    Bridge plate X 1
    Top handle X 1
    15mm X 350mm rods X 2
    15mm X 100mm rods X 2
    HDMI clamp X 1
  • MATTE BOX (GD-MB-01),

Features and Specifications:  

  •     High-grade aluminum, strong & lightweight;
  •  The material has undergone four surface treatments, highly durable and not easily scratched
  •    The height of the rods at both top and bottom can be adjusted freely.
  •   For 15mm rods,60mm standard spacing
  • Fits all cameras equal to or smaller than 6.5 Inches x 5 Inches(165mm X 125mm)