TILTA Blackmagic (BMCC) Rig Kit ES-T07


The following will be included in all kits:

  • 1 x Top Handle with Cold-shoe Adapter
  • 1 x Protection Bracket Cage Made for Blackmagic (BMCC)
  • 1 x 15mm Lightweight, Quick-Release Bridge Baseplate 
  • 1 x Mini Tripod Mounting Plate
  • 4 x 200mm (7.9 inches) 15mm Aluminium Rod
  • 2 x 300mm (11.75 inches) 15mm Aluminium Rod
  • 2 x Side Handles TT-0507 (attach to BMCC Cage with Red Recording Button and wire to attach to BMCC)

Click the Check-boxes Above to Choose These Optional Add-Ons Shown Below:

Single Follow Focus FF-T03:

FT-T03 Tilta Follow Focus
3 x Drive Gears - 0.5M, 06.M, & 0.8M (to line up perfectly with the gearing on your particular lens)
5 x Flexible Lens Gears (to fit smaller and larger lenses)
15MM Rod Clamp
5 x 2 Hard Stops


Dual Follow Focus FF-T04:

1 x Snap-on 15mm to 19mm rods adapter
3 x Swing Arms (1:1.0/1:1.5/1:2.0 ratio)
2 x Focus Knobs/ Handwheel
1 x Extension for Focus Knob
5 x Module gears (0.8/64T, 0.8/38T, 0.8/43T, 0.6/64T, 0.5/78T)
1 x 12" (300mm) Follow Focus Flexible Whip
1 x Follow Focus Speed Crank handle
5 x Marking discs
1 x Hard Carrying Air Tight Safety Case


4"x4" Carbon Fiber Matte Box MB-T03:

1 x Carbon Fiber Matte Box
3 x French Flags
2 x 4"x4" Filter Trays (1 x fixed, 1 x rotatable)
5 x Lens Donuts (to fit different sized lenses)
1 x Attached Sway Bar W/15MM Rod Attachment
+ Fabric lens donut (to attach directly to your lens and to the matte box)
*Works with any lens 110mm and below


4x5.65 Carbon Fiber Matte Box MB-T04:

  • 3 x  French flags
  • 1 x  19mm rod adapter

  • 1 x 15mm Rod adapter

  • 1 x 114mm/90mm/80mm lens adapters

  • 3 x  Lens rubber ring

  • 5 x  Front sun shades * 5PCS


• Top Handle : .85lbs
• Protection Bracket : 1lb
• Light-weight Bridge Plate w/ Tripod Mounting Plate : .85lbs
• 200mm 15mm Aluminium Rods (pair) .25lbs