PRE-ORDER FO-160 Light Mat Kit

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Pre-Order of the F0-160 LED Light Mat - $180 Savings.

Estimated ship Date - 08/10/17

O-160 is a 160 Watt, 2'x2' Light Mat that folds down to a 12" square. This Foldable Light Mat produces a large, broad light source that is incredibly bright while weighing less than a pound. It has a range between 2800K and 6500K, and can be dialed in to a specific color temperature and brightness using the control unit.


The F0-160 is unique in the fact that it has a firm backing behind the Mat while also having foldable cross sections. This unique form factor allows for the light to be mounted or supported without a giant metal frame or x-bracket. The Mount simply attaches to the back of the unit via Velcro and is securely attached in seconds. The soft cross sections allow for the light to fold into a 12"x12" square and neatly pack into the included carrying case.

-Includes 24"x24" Light Mat, Mounting Bracket, Controller, AC Adapter, Case, and Power Cables. 


**About the current pictures: The FO-160 displayed for the first time at NAB. More information and pictures are coming soon.

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