IT-AC485 - Aluminum Crushproof Case for F-300 & F-485 Light Cannons

This item has been discontinued.


Item Number: 173022

This Aluminum Case is crush-proof and has a watertight seal. It is capable of holding 1 x F-300/F-485. This unit can hold any of the F-300 / F-485 Models. 

Included are two foam inserts. One goes below, and the other above the F-300 / F-485. The foam inserts have cutouts for barn-doors and there is extra space to include things like the F-300/F-485 Softbox.

Perfect Traveling Companion: For those that are using their Light Cannon Fresnel outside of a studio environment, we highly recommend these cases to keep your lights protected during transportation. The cases will help insure a much longer life.

Removable Foam Inserts: This Aluminum, crush proof case can be used for many purposes. The foam inserts are completely removable allowing other photography and filmmaking objects to be inserted into the 23" x 18" x 18" interior.


  • Lockable Recessed Latches
  • Hinged Lid
  • 4 Spring Loaded Handles
  • Reinforced Corners

Weight: 37 Pounds

External Dimensions:  25" x 20" x 19"

Internal Dimensions: 23" x 18" x 18"