IT-PS24 - 24 Volt to 14.8 Volt Battery Converter & Shark Fin

Power 24V Devices W/ DC (Battery) Power

*Please note that this is not a battery charger, it is a Power Adapter. It simply shares a similar look to a dual battery charger. If you're in need of a dual battery charger, click here.

The IT-PS24 is a Portable Power Supply Unit allowing you to power any 24 Volt application with 14.8V DC (battery) power. Simply connect two 14.8V brick batteries to the IT-PS24 and connect an XLR cable from the converter to your application.

The IT-PS24 is capable of supplying battery power to any 24 Volt item up to 240 Watts that has an XLR input, including, but not limited to our 200W SUPER-NOVA Panel & F-165 Light Cannon. It does this by converting 2 x 14.8V Batteries into 24V.

Shark Fin Application

The IT-PS24 can also work with 14.8V Devices as there is an XLR input for both 14.8V and 24V. This allows you to have longer power without any interuptions needed for switching out your battery.


2 x XLR Cables, one for 4 Pin Applications and one for 3 Pin Applications. **If a special cord is needed (like 3 pin to 5 pin), please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.

**Please note that the IT-PS24 does have a fan which may be audible in certain situations. If the fan noise can be a problem, this can be reduced with longer XLR cables by moving the converter further away from the mic.

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