2 Unit Kit With Barn-Doors - Light Stix Mini 19.75"

Overview: The Light Stix Mini is a slightly smaller version of the original Light Stix (19.75" compared to 24"). Rather than having a built in Lithiuim Ion Battery like the orginal, The Light Stix Mini has a removable Sony NP-F750 Battery. It also comes with an included AC Adapter when needing to plug in. The Light Stix Mini weighs just 1.2 pounds and measure in at 19.75" x 2.75" x 1.75" (inches). Choose to have it lit at 3200k, 5000k, 5600k, and 8,000k, and select a dimming level from 10%-100%. Each end has three 1/4 x 20" threads allowing them to be mounted in a variety of ways:

1. Hand-Held (attach via optional accessory)

2. Tilter Bracket with Spigot (optional accessory)

3. Can attach directly to Light Stand via 1/4 x 20" Thread


Color & Output

The CRI on the Light Stix Series is extremely accurate reaching 95+ through its super wide color spectrum of 3200k-8000k. The output is very impressive for its size with one unit reaching 1200 lux @ 3 feet.


Control Feature

Easily control multiple lights by the press of a button. Select to have your lights in control group A, B, or C. When the same group is selected one light will become the master allowing the remaining light's dimming and color control features to be controlled simultaneously.


Included Accessories

All lights also include a very nice, padded Carrying Case, along with an AC Adapter, Sony NP-F750 Battery, and Battery Charger. The case can hold all of the included accessories along with a few extras like the Optional Handle Extension.


Optional Accessories

1. Hand-Held Bracket - screws in to either end of light for hand-held applications

2. Tilter Bracket with Spigot - can be positioned in any position

3. Can attach directly to Light Stand via 1/4 x 20" Thread

Product Description

Item Number: 172011


The 2 Unit Light Stix 19.75" Kit is perfect for traveling. The new T-Bracket is just 10" x 3.5" x 1.1" and can fit up to 4 Light Stix.

  • Power via Included Batteries (removable) or via Included AC Adapters
  • Includes 2 x Removable Lithium Ion Battery (7.4V, 4600mAh)
  • 19.75" Long x 2.75" Wide x 1.75" Height
  • 1.4 Pounds
  • Made from High-Strength, Lightweight Aluminum Metal
  • Dimmable 10%-100%
  • Huge Color Range: 3200k, 5000k, 5600k, 8000k
  • Output - 1200 Lux @ 3 feet
  • Can control and connect 2 or more lights via one light
  • Includes: 1 x T- Bracket, 2 x Barn-Door Sets, 2 x Carrying Cases, 2 x AC Adapters, 2 x NP-F750 Batteries (Removable), & 2 x Battery Chargers
  • Use Hand-Held or Attach to Variety of Accessories like Light Stand or Tilter Bracket