3 Piece Paper Light Kit. Bi-Color, Includes Batteries, Case, Light Stands, Diffusion and More

This Kit Includes:

3 x D-50CTD Paper Lights (Full Bi-Color Range from 3150k-3700k). Fully Dimmable from 0-100%. CRI: 96+

6 x NP-F Lithium-Ion Batteries (Each light has built in Dual Charger)

3 x Light Stands *Please note these are portable light stands that fit into the case. For heavy-duty applications we recommend using different light stands. Any light stand with the standard 5/8" stud will work)

3 x Diffusion Panels

1 x Soft Carrying Case - Can hold everything included in the kit - 3 lights with 3 x AC Adapter, 6 x NP-F Batteries, 3 x Light Stands and more.


The Socanland D-50CTD Paper Light Series is designed with portability in mind. Producing the same output as the original D-50CTD, the aluminum frame is significantly thinner and lighter (weighing less then 3 pounds) then the standard D-50CTD. Also, the Paper Light Series run off of the smaller Sony NP-F Style batteries (opposed to the larger Anton Bauer or V-Mount bricks on the standard D-50CTD) or via the included AC Adapter when plugging the lights in.
Included with every light are 2 x NP-F 750 batteries (will power the light for about 1.5-2 hours), diffusion, and an AC Adapter. Additionally, the light works as a battery charger. You simply plug the AC into the light with the batteries attached to charge the batteries.  Traveling with a 3 Piece 1x1 light kit has never been easier. Handheld light shots (Hollywood shots) can be done with ease as the new lights are so thin and weigh so little.

The D-50CTD Paper Light features a Digital Screen that shows you your exact color temperature in kelvins from 3150k-5700k and brightness level from 0-255. The digital screen is great when trying to re-create lighting scenes. It can also be valuable when making sure that multiple lights have the same color temperature. This light enables you to control the color and brightness with precision. The color can be changed in increments of 100 kelvin and the brightness in increments of 1 degree.