1.0 - LC-WR - Wireless Remote Controller for all LiteCloth Models

Item Number: 178004

This is for the older 1.0 LC units. This is not compatible with 2.0 LC units. If ordering a remote for a bi-color 2.0 LC, make sure you order the LC-WR 2.0.


Using the LC-WR the user can control the LiteCloth LC-160, LC-120, LC-100, Mega-LC, and LC-50 from a distance of 160 feet wirelessly. Control a single unit individually or multiple units simultaneously. 

Simply set your LC-160(s) ID channel to the same channel as the LC-WR to control the lights brightness level from 0-100% and color range from 3,000k-10,000k. The LC-WR uses a touch screen which mimics the design of the LC-160 / LC-120 Controller (Ballast). 



  • LC-WR Wireless Remote
  • Internal Battery (390mAh li-ion), 1.4W, 3.7V)
  • Charger
  • USB Charging Cable