312 ASZ LED Light Kit


New Design With 6 Key Improvements:

1-New Diffuser: Much Thicker than old diffuser. Now can actually be used for interviews unlike old diffuser.

2-Upgraded LED's. Higher CRI of 93+. Brighter Lighting Output. 

3-New Magnetic connectors: Can now attach diffuser/filters via magnets rather than sliding them in.

4-New Shoe Piece: Can Lock into place with a firm grip. No more slip like the old shoe piece.

5-Thicker Plastic: Stronger frame, no longer a flimsy body.

6-Longer 2 year warranty: All LED's are covered under a 2  year warranty. Battery has a 500 charge/discharge warranty

LED Count: 312

Lumination: 6580 lux/50CM
Included Accessories: 2 Sony Style Lithium Batteries, Dual Charger, Car Charger, Case, Diffuser, Hot Shoe Mount (Fully Metal, Fully Rotatable, Removable), AC Adapter

Features: Bi-Color Knob 3200k-5600k, Dimmable (0-100%)

Power: 18.72 Watts Working Voltage: DC7.4-14.8V

Weight: 0.8 Ounces (0.35kgs)

Dimensions: 7.35 x 4.4 x 1.25 Inches

Description: A full out kit with a large sized bi-color (AKA variable color temperature) and dimmable LED light. This is the perfect kit when you are in need of a case, battery, chargers, and some other nice extras. The bi-color feature allows you to select 3200k, 5600k, and everything in between the two (without filters). The color temperature knob allows you to select the precise color temperature needed to match your setting’s lighting.