Tilta Sony F3 Rig Kit

This Rig is built specifically for the Sony F3.


1x Top Handle with Hotshoe Adapter
1x Protection Bracket Cage for SONY F3
1x 15mm Lightweight Bridge Baseplate (LSW)

1x 5" Dovetail

1 x 10 " Dovetail
2 x 12" (300mm) 15mm Aluminum Rods

2 x 8" (200mm 15mm Aluminum Rods

2 x 4" (100mm) 15mm Aluminum Rods w/ Extension Screws so you can add on to the length of the 15mm rods



Optional Add-Ons:

Single Follow Focus FF-T03:

FT-T03 Tilta Follow Focus
3 x Drive Gears - 0.5M, 06.M, & 0.8M (to line up perfectly with the gearing on your particular lens)
5 x Flexible Lens Gears (to fit smaller and larger lenses)
15MM Rod Clamp
5 x 2 Hard Stops

Dual Follow Focus FF-T04 (Coming Soon):

1 x Snap-on 15mm to 19mm rods adapter
3 x Swing Arms (1:1.0/1:1.5/1:2.0 ratio)
2 x Focus Knobs/ Handwheel
1 x Extension for Focus Knob
5 x Module gears (0.8/64T, 0.8/38T, 0.8/43T, 0.6/64T, 0.5/78T)
1 x 12" (300mm) Follow Focus Flexible Whip
1 x Follow Focus Speed Crank handle
5 x Marking discs
1 x Hard Carrying Air Tight Safety Case

4"x4" Carbon Fiber Matte Box MB-T03:

1 x Carbon Fiber Matte Box
3 x French Flags
2 x 4"x4" Filter Trays (1 x fixed, 1 x rotatable)
5 x Lens Donuts (to fit different sized lenses)
1 x Attached Sway Bar W/15MM Rod Attachment
+ Fabric lens donut (to attach directly to your lens and to the matte box)
*Works with any lens 110mm and below



4x5.65 Carbon Fiber Matte Box MB-T04:


  • 3 x  French flags
  • 1 x  19mm rod adapter

  • 1 x 15mm Rod adapter

  • 1 x 114mm/90mm/80mm lens adapters

  • 3 x  Lens rubber ring

  • 5 x  Front sun shades * 5PCS