Used Light Cannon - F-165 Bi-Color AC/DC - Battery & AC Power High Output 165W LED 5" Fresnel - W/ Wifi, GOLD-MOUNT

Reason for Discount:

  • Open Box - Very minimal scuff marks
  • Flood LED - This uses the previous LED, which has a more flooded spread than the current LED (photometrics for this LED are listed below)
  • Condition - 9/10
  • Item # 173016

20 Degrees

1 Meter / 16,700 Lux

6 Feet / 3,849 Lux

12 Feet / 953 Lux

70 Degrees

1 Meter / 4,950 Lux

6 Feet / 2,200 Lux

12 Feet / 359 Lux


The F-165 Light Cannon is the perfect light for those looking for lots of power in a compact and portable package. This model is gently used, and a steal at 20% off the list price of $839...Also comes with barn doors and spill cloth.

Now choose to use the light with battery power, or AC. The F-165 AC/DC is the perfect light for those looking for lots of power in a compact and portable package. It provides the user with an impressive amount of light via its 165 Watt LED Output. The Light Cannon Series' unique design allows the light to be placed back 10, 20, 30, 40 feet back and beyond due to its amazingly long throw. It's actually equivalent to a 1,000-1250 Watt Tungsten light but remains completely cool and has considerably more features and controls. The F-165 provides the user with a high degree of control via the light's focusable fresnel lens and barn-door combination. The light can be transferable anywhere from 15 degrees to 50 degrees and the barn-doors allow you to further shape your light. It provides a powerful, high quality light output and creates beautiful color rated at 95-99 CRI. This unit is the ideal combination of classic Fresnel characteristics and all the advantages of the latest LED technology.

  • Wifi - Control via Android or iOS App
  • 15-50 Degree Capability
  • 12.75" (length) x 7" (width) x 8.5" (height). 10 pounds
  • AC/DC Version can be powered via Gold Mount battery (this unit) or AC. Please note that your battery must be able to accept a power load of 165 Watts. Generally, a battery must be greater than 165Wh. Be sure to check your batteries maximum capacity prior to use. All of our 190Wh batteries or above will work with this unit.