Chimera Pancake Lantern & Skirt Kit for LiteCloth LC-160

Chimera & Intellytech have teamed up to create a Pancake Lantern / Skirt combo for the LiteCloth LC-160. The beauty of this Pancake Lantern is that no speed ring is required. The 4 straps simply go over each corner of the LC-160. This design allows for a super fast setup time and keeps the entire Lantern & Skirt weighing just a few ounces.

Chimera Pancake Lanterns features a flat-top design that allows the LiteCloth LC-160 to be placed higher and closer to the ceiling. This maximizes placement options as well as limiting unwanted overhead bounce from the ceiling.

The Lantern can be used on its own, without the skirt. The included skirt attaches to the Pancake Lantern to enable control over the light-spill. With adjustable Velcro on all four sides, the skirt can be rolled up or down to vary light spread from an omnidirectional overhead source to a straight down-light.



-Skirt Set (2 Total)

-Limited 5 Year Warranty