LED Light Video's & Review's

Several video's displaying both customer reviews and results using LiteCloth, Light Cannon, Pocket Cannon, X-100 & More.

Light Cannon X-100 Review by New Layer

Mega-LC Review by Tommy Callaway

Caleb Pike W/ DSLR Video Shooter - Setting up his lights with Intellytech LiteCloth


Gypsy Productions Review of the Pocket Cannon Mini and LiteCloth LC-50

Light Like Spielberg In Minority Report - With Intellytech Lights

Review & Tutorial of LiteCloth LC-160RGBW by The Slanted Lens:

LiteCloth Lighting Lesson by The Slanted Lens: LiteCloth LC-160, 2 Light Frame (F2-LC), and LC-120

Review: LiteCloth LC-120 Foldable LED Mat:

Review: Light Cannon F-485 as an HMI Replacement by Bclip Productions

Review: Hisonni Johnson Highlights the Pocket Cannon as an immensely useful Portable, Focusable LED Fresnel Option

Review: Hisonni Johnson Highlights F-485 Light Cannon W/ Wifi - Creating Special Effects using Wifi App & High Output

Review by Ismahawk of F-165 AC/DC: Wifi & Battery Power LED Fresnel Light Cannon

Light Cannon LED Fresnel Vs. 2K Tungsten: Overview & Techniques


Airlight - Foldable / Flexible LED Light Mats

FL-80 - 10"x20" Light Mat Kit

FL-40 - 10"x10" LED Light Mat


Light Stix Wireless Demonstration by Frank Suero

Third Party Review (by Tom King) showing Nova-CTD Flood & Spot compared to Litepanels Astra


Third Party Review (by Ross Bennett) of Nova-CTD 30 Degree Spot in the ENG / Field Environment



Intellytech - Light Stix Video's

Product Overview of Light Stix' Specs and Possible Uses



Third Party Review by Ross Bennett of Intellytech Light Stix

Intellytech -Light Cannon Series F-485 LED Fresnel Light

Third Party Review (by Ross Bennett) of Light Cannon Series, F-485 LED Fresnel in the ENG / Field Environment

IT-PS24, Overview of 24V - 14.8V Battery Converter / Shark Fin by Ed Done

Intellytech - F-165 Fresnel & FL-80 Flex Light

Third Party Overview (Chris Vanderschaaf) of F-165 Bi-Color LED Fresnel w/ softbox and the FL-80 10x20 Flexible Light

Flicker-Free Slow-Motion Test With Light Cannon's