Rugged Series Kit - 2 x 190Wh Series Battery + Dual Charger. Anton Bauer Gold Mount / V-Mount

The 190Wh Rugged Series is the second largest battery in the line-up. It is a medium/large sized battery for jobs needing a good amount of power. When you hold the battery in your hand, it's clear that it is a solid, quality product. The Rugged Series strong shell is made with a protective, rubber-like coating making it impact resistant. This protects the interior connections and cell's while also providing the user with a firm grip. The battery is built with Grade A, Samsung Lithium Ion Cells assuring a long, robust life without any memory-effect. A 4 segment LED gauge is located on the side confirming the remaining battery life by the push of a button.

A D-Tap / P-Tap power output port is located on the top of the battery allowing the user to power a second source up to 50 watts. The D-Tap / P-Tap operates at a 14.8V nominal voltage and is electronically and independently protected against shorts and overload.

Rugged Series, Strong Shell, Strong Grip, Built to Last.


Mount: Anton Bauer Gold Mount or  V-Mount

Watt Hour: 190Wh (14.8V), Full voltage : 16.8+/-0.1 V

Working Temp: -30C - +60C. Charging Temp: 0C-40C

Size: 6.25 x 3.1 x 2.5 Inches

Weight: 2.9 Pounds

Warranty: 18 Months


Run Times:

30 Watt camera - Approximately 6.25-6.5 Hours

45 Watt Camera - Approx. 6-6.25 Hours

50 Watt LED Light - Approx. 5.5-5.75 Hours

100 Watt LED Light - Approx. 2.9

Rugged Series, Strong Shell, Strong Grip, Built to Last.

Product Description

The Rugged Series Kit includes two 190Wh Batteries and our 4 Channel Charger (choose Anton Bauer or V-Mount).

This kit includes:

(2) - 190Wh Rugged Series Batteries

(1) - Dual Quick Charger with integral 60 Watt camera power station

(1) - US 120V AC Cord (220v Available on request)

(1) - 4 Pin XLR power supply cord included.


*This kit saves you over 10% compared to our individual prices!