With NAB 2018 right around the corner, Intellytech is rising to the opportunity by debuting its most groundbreaking lineup of the company's history. This year, Intellytech will be releasing an array of new products by adding to the LiteCloth  & Light Cannon family, as well as offering new high output, soft panels. 

LiteCloth LC-120 - 1x3'

LC-120 Foldable LED Light Mat. Bi-Color Kit
In addition to the LiteCloth LC-160, a new size will be released measuring in at 1x3' called the LiteCloth LC-120. This 120W, foldable LED Mat features a new, Directional Bracket allowing the user to point the light itself. It's as if the light has built-in barn-doors, allowing for precise control of spread. 
LC-160 Foldable 2x2' LED Light Mat
The LC-120 will include a ballast about 50% smaller than the LC-160's, making it perfect for those looking for a travel friendly, broad sourced LED Mat. Like the LC-160, the LC-120 will feature an immense color range of 3,000-10,000k and will be sold as a full kit including ballast, softbox, diffuser, grid, AC, and power cables that all fit in the included hard case. The LC-120 will be offered in single and 2 Light Kits priced at $899 and $1699. The 1x3 will be shipping to customers in early June.
LC-120 Foldable LED Mat 2 Light Kit. Bi-Color LED Light Mat

 LiteCloth RGBW

Coming in early fall, Intellytech will also release RGBW versions of the LiteCloth series which will be offered in both the LC-120 and LC-160 models. These models will allow the user to dial in a full color spectrum while still enjoying the benefits of the portable, foldable LED Mat. These lights will be priced approximately 50% higher compared to the current LC-120 and LC-160 models. Stay tuned for more information on the RGBW LiteCloth models while the design and features are finalized. 

Light Cannon Pro

Continuing with the theme of RGBW, Intellytech will also release more fresnels that will be offered in Daylight, Bi-Color, and RGBW models. The new Light Cannon Pro will be sold in addition to the current Light Cannon models. The Pro version will result in outputs that are over 2 times brighter than the current versions, while also reducing the overall size of the housing. In addition to a stronger shell and yoke, the lights will have a more pronounced beam, allowing for cleaner cuts and greater control over spread. Additionally, the lights will feature an electronic focusing system allowing the light to be adjusted from spot to flood via DMX. While pricing isn't finalized, the new Light Cannon Pro will have an increase in price of approximately 30%. The Bi-Color  will sell at about $1,875 and the RGBW will sell between $2,300-$2,500. The Daylight version will retail at approximately $1,349. The Light Cannon Pro will begin shipping to customers in late July / early August.
Light Cannon Pro LED Fresnel - Bi-Color, Daylight, RGBW
In addition to the new LED Mat and Fresnel products, Intellytech will also launch a completely new series of soft panels that will be offered in powerful 100W and 160W outputs. The new soft panels will produce soft, diffused light that will wrap around your subject right out the the box, as if shooting through a silk or softbox. Additionally, the lights will produce impressive output, setting them apart from other soft lights in the market, allowing users to have both output and quality.
Intellytech soft panel for studio use
The new soft panels will reach CRI / TLCI levels of 98 when set to Daylight. These models will be sold exclusively in Bi-Color and will be shipping to customers in June. The 100W Bi-Color will retail at $1,089 and the 160W Bi-Color will retail for $1,359.
photometrics of Intellytech LED Light Panel

Intellytech will be debuting the 2018 lineup at NAB booth C12119, right next to Sony and B&H.


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