Nitro EX Daylight - 60W LED Panel Kit

Item Number: 177003

The Nitro EX Daylight is a super slim and portable panel reaching 60 Watts. The panel weighs just 2.2 pounds and is razor thin. The small footprint allows for versatile travel and setup configurations. The Nitro EX is sold as a full Kit and can be controlled in a variety of ways.

Soft, Beautiful Light  

No More Hot-Spots - Built with high-grade, SMD LED's, the Nitro EX creates wide, even lighting while also remaining bright. The CRI Measures in at 96+.

Sold as a Full Kit

The Nitro EX Daylight includes Barn-Doors, Diffusers, Tungsten Gel, AC/DC Power Adapter, V-Mount Battery Plate, Remote Control (for wireless control), DMX Cable, Power Cable, Carrying Bag (that can hold all of the accessories). The Barn-doors and diffusers simply slide in and out for fast setup time.  

External Power & Control Center

The Panel measures in at just 0.75"- 1" and weighs just over 2 pounds. An external Power & Control Box means that the light can be mounted high above the subject with ease while also allowing the user to control the color, intensity and power source (V-Mount Battery and AC) from the ground. All Nitro EX Kits include a V-Mount Battery Plate & AC Adapter.

DMX & 2.4GHz Wireless Control

When not controlling the Nitro EX by hand, the user has the option to control the light via DMX-512 or 2.4GHz. Included is a DMX Ethernet RJ-45 cable & port as well as a 2.4GHz Remote to control the light wirelessly.