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Buttery if you're lighting through a cloud.

Soft Light. High Output. High CRI. 

Luma Cloud - Soft LED PanelLuma Cloud - Soft LED Panel


Ideal for studios, or those looking for a bullet-proof, rugged ENG panel built to last the rigors of set-life, the Luma Cloud produces buttery soft light that will wrap around your subject. The diffused, cinema ready light will cover a wide, 120 degree spread with absolutely no hot spots seen from competitors panels. Additionally, The Luma Cloud creates beautiful, accurate colors that will meet the standards of the most critical DP's and gaffers. 

CRI / TLCI: 98 With Impressive Output

What use is a light that can produce buttery soft light if it lacks output? The Luma Cloud S-160 creates 160W, making it brighter than a 1,200W Tungsten Soft Light. 

Luma Cloud Photometric Chart