2 Light Kit - LiteCloth LC-50 2.0 - 1x1 LED Mat Kit

LC-50 2.0. Now Faster, Stronger, and Smarter.

  • New All-In-One Control Box - The new 2.0 LiteCloth controllers now have the AC built-in, allowing for a faster and simpler setup. Weight - 3 pounds. Dimensions - 8" x 5" x 2"

  • Upgraded Cable System - Thread-lessClick in and out for fast, precise and secure connections. This applies to the 4 pin cable on the LED mat as well as the PowerCON cable for AC power.

  • Effects Mode Added - Built with 9 different effects. Each effect can be programmed according to speed and intensity.

  • Bluetooth for App Control - Control a single light or groups of lights via the Intellytech LiteSync app. 

Sold As a Full Kit Including:

  • 2x 1x1 LED Mat

  • 2x Softbox W/ Diffuser & Grid

  • 2x Half China Ball Style Diffuser Dome

  • 2x Mounting Bracket

  • 2x All-In-One Control Box W/ V-Mount Or Gold Mount Battery Plate (Choose One) - Works Universally 100-240V

  • 2x PowerCON Cable

  • Hard Case W/ Foam Molding to hold all of the above inside - 18"x16"x4.5"

Overview - The LC-50 is a 50 Watt, 1x1 LED Mat weighing just 1 pound. It's firm backing allows for the light to be mounted and modified in ways that a traditional panel or flex light couldn't. 

Modification Out of the Box - Each LC-50 comes with a softbox which includes a diffuser and honey comb grid. Additionally, a half China-ball is included as well. 

Tremendous Output - Reaching 50 Watts, the LC-50 is equivalent to a 500 Watt Tungsten Soft Light. Even without using the including softbox, the LC-50 creates a vast spread that will wrap around your subject. 

Quick & Intuitive Mount - The included Mount securely attaches to the rear of the Mat via a special high-strength Velcro. It attaches in seconds and is extremely secure. The Mount also folds down allowing it to pack easily into the carrying case.

Power Options - Power the light via AC or battery. Choose either V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate. Works Universally 100-240V.

Quick Specs:

  • Consumes 50 Watts. Equivalent to 500W Tungsten Soft Light.

  • Bi-Color W/ 3,000k-10,000k Color Range.

  • Dimmable from 0-100%.

  • Can be controlled with optional Wireless Remote or Bluetooth App.



Mixed Color Temp.



3 Feet

1,600 Lux / 150 FC

1,420 Lux / 132 FC

1,550 Lux / 144 FC

6 Feet

387 Lux / 36 FC

343 Lux / 32 FC

338 Lux / 32 FC

9 Feet

185 Lux / 17 FC

151 Lux / 14 FC

117 Lux / 11 FC


Accurate CRI and TLCI Ratings:

Color Temperature