Chimera 1650 Softbox Kit for Socanland 1x1 Light Panels

Item Number: 175012

The Chimera 1650 LED Lightbank (Softbox) is made to perfectly fit all of our Socanland LED Light Panels with the 1x1 frame including the:

  • Socanland 50CTD / D-50CTD
  • Socanland Nova-CTD / Nova-CD
  • all Socanland Models with the 1'x1' Frame

How does it work? Using the included Speed Ring, the Chimera 1650 Lightbank will slide into the Socanland's filter frame (AKA front accessory channel) located on the front of the light. It's made specifically to fit all Socanland 1'x1' LED light panels, so adding and removing the frame can be achieved in seconds and with precision. This Chimera 1650 LED Lightbank uses the new Lens Screens that are efficient and blend the LED's into a single light source. 


What's Included With The Chimera 1650 LED Lightbank (softbox)

  • LED Lightbank with poles affixed
  • LED Speed Ring
  • LED revolutionary front screen


The Chimera 1650 LED TECH Bank is lightweight, collapsible, easy to use and long lasting. And since it’s made by Chimera, you know you’re getting the kind of high quality that will last year after year, scene after beautiful scene.