Light Cannon F-485 Bi-Color - High Output 485W LED 7" Fresnel - W/ Wifi

Hybrid Cooling

The Light Cannon series have a fan that can be turned on or off by the flick of a switch. When on, the unit has 100% power and the fan is very quiet. When the fan is turned off, the unit is completely silent and the output is reduced by 50%. The LED life span also reaches up to 50'000+ hours of use equivalent to 15 years of day by day use / 10 hours a day.  

Strong & Lightweight Metal Frame

The metal body housing is made using stong, lightweight, and attractive aluminum with an amazing fit and finish, made for years of use in a professional environment. The metal is similar to the look, finish and feel of an Apple computer. The high strength tilt lock provides extremely secure locking, eliminating movement and slippage and ensuring that the fixtures will stay where you put them.

Wifi Control

Control the Light Cannon via our Intellytech App. Works on both Android & iOS. This allows for use of a wire free set-up both in studio and in the field.

Digital Display

The F-485 Bi-Color Light Cannon w/ Wifi features an LCD Touch-Screen providing the user with a high degree of control and plenty of information. Select the color and brightness level using the LCD screen or by using the contorl knobs.

High Output & CRI

Whether shooting in spot or flood mode, the F-485 Bi-Color provides the user with an extremely high output of 485 Watts. The Light Cannon Series are capabale of filming large areas while generating no heat. They can be used outdoor's in daylight with impressive results. The light is rated at a CRI/TLCI of 95-99 throughout the wide color spectrum to render beautiful and accurate images.

*Shooting slow motion? No problem! The Light Cannon LED series are flicker free and tested at 3'000 fps. The voltage is universal and works from 110v-240v.

Key features:
- LED power: 485W
- 3000k-8000k - Vast Color Range. Brightest at 5600k
- adjustable beam angle spot 20° - flood 70°
- dimming 100% to 0% with no color shift
- high CRI/TLCI 95-99: colors are rendered with high accuracy 
- 7" lens diameter 
- flicker free at high speed shooting rates. 
- high efficiency thermal design
- Choose to have fan on or off
- 50'000+ rated LED life 
- built-in WIFI for both Andriod and iOS via Intellytech App
- LCD Screen showing color temp and dimmer controls.
- mechanical spot-flood mechanism
- wide array of accessories availabble
- yoke bar - rotatable
- sturdy aluminum housing for many of use
- worldwide voltage compatible: AC 110V-240V 50 / 60 Hz ; DC 24V
- weight: 25 pounds
- dimensions: 15.5" length x 8" width x 13" height
20 Degrees 1 Meter / 38,220 Lux 2 Meters / 10,000 Lux 3 Meters / 3.095 Lux
50 Degrees 1 Meter / 18,265 Lux 2 Meters / 4,675 Lux 3 Meters / 2,000 Lux
70 Degrees 1 Meter / 14,240 Lux 2 Meters / 4,000 Lux 3 Meters / 1,442 Lux
Package Includes:
1 x Intellytech Light Cannon LED Fresnel 485W Bi-Color WIFI
1 x metal barn-doors 4 leaf - on & off in seconds
1 x yoke bar with combo mount 5/8" & 1-1/4" (16mm spigot)
1 x power cable with USA plug
source type led - fresnel
operation mode manual - light stand
power 485 watts
voltage DC 24V / AC 100-240V
color temperature Bi-Color 3,000--8,000 Kelvin
lens diameter 7 Inches
beam angle degree 20-70
number of LED -
DMX 512 controller yes
dimming range 100%-0%
battery mount -
mounting Standard 5/8"
power cable length 9.75 feet
power plug type U.S.
lamp head dimensions (HxWxL) mm 15.5" x 8" x 13"
weight 25 pounds
material aluminum
color silver and black
compliance CE


Product Description
  • Item Number: 173014
  • 485 Watt, 7" Fresnel LED Light
  • Bi-Color - 3000k-8000k and anywhere in between
  • Choose to have fan on or off via switch. Very quiet with fan on and double the output. When fan is off, 50% output and totally silent.
  • Wifi - Control via Android or iOS App
  • 20-70 Degree Capability
  • 15.5" (length) x 8" (width) x 13" (height). 25 pounds
The F-485 Light Cannon is our most powerful Fresnel unit providing the user with an immense amount of light via its 485 Watt LED Output. It's actually equivalent to a 4,850 Watt Quartz light but remains completely cool and has considerably more features and controls. The Light Cannon Bi-Color Series has a super wide color range from 3000k - 8000k making it perfect for today's high-end video cameras. The F-485 provides the user with a high degree of control via the light's focusable fresnel lens and barn-door combination. The light can be transferable anywhere from 20 degrees to 70 degrees and the barn-doors allow you to further shape your light. It provides a powerful, high quality light output and creates beautiful color rated at 95-99 CRI/TLCI at various degrees in its 3,000-8000k range. This unit is the ideal combination of classic Fresnel characteristics and all the advantages of the latest LED technology. Read more below the pictures.