FFB-5x3.2’ Fast Frame Collapsible Reflector Panel

The Fast Frame 5’ x 3.2’ Collapsible Reflector Panel is a lightweight, reversible reflective panel with a foldable aluminum frame. Included in the kit is an extendable boom arm and waist support, 360 degree mounting bracket, as well as a carrying bag that holds all of the included accessories. The frame breaks down in two quick steps, folding down on itself for compact storage (this is possible even with the reflector still attached, and makes for faster set-up next time you use it).

Check out the results and setup here:

 The included mounting bracket swivels 360 degrees so that you can turn the panel horizontally, vertically or any angle in between using the extendable boom arm. This boom arm extends from 44”at it’s shortest, to 78” at the longest, and can be locked into place at any length in between. This offers maximum reach and flexibility, letting the user get closer to the subject (or higher up) without

getting in the way of the shot.

The reversible reflective fabric is white/silver, and attaches securely via heavy-duty velcro to the frame. The silver material is ideal for long throw applications and bright enough to mimic an additional light source. The neutral white side can gently fill in shadows and creates a softer bounce of light. The frame is extremely stable, even in windy conditions. It’s perfect for location work, and a life-saver in the studio.

Size when folded down: 42" x 6" x 3"


  • Reversible Silver/White Reflective Panel
  • High quality, light-weight aluminum folding frame
  • Rotating Bracket creates Horizontal or Vertical Mount
  • Includes extendable boom arm and adjustable waist support
  • Carrying Bag holding all of the included accessories
  • Weighs Only 7 lbs (including bracket & extendable boom arm)