FL-80 AIRLIGHT KIT- Flexible, Foldable LED Light Mat. 10"x20" Panel, Bi-Color with Full Kit (Socanland)

This product has been discontinued and replaced by the new and improved LC-100. 


 Item Numbers: 171002 (Gold) / 171003 (V)

The FL-80 Airlight is less than a 1/4" thick, weighs just ounces, and is completely flexible. The 80 Watt unit measures 10"x20" and produces an impressive amount of light, reaching 4,000Lux at 3 feet. The LED Panel is completely flexible allowing the user to bend and direct the light with precision. The thin, flexible panel allows for the light to be mounted virtually anyway or anywhere whether using the included X-Bracket, Magnetically, Gaff tapped, or literally wrapped around an object like a car viser, light stand, wall corner...the options are endless.

The FL-80 is sold as a complete kit allowing the user to power the light via Battery or AC without having to purchase any additional accessories. Choose to have either an Gold Mount or V-Mount Battery Plate included at no extra charge. The Battery Plate clamps onto the light stand. When not using a Gold Mount or V-Mount battery to power the FL-80 Airlight, the light can be powered via an AC Adapter which is included.

Complete List of Accessories Included in FL-80 Airlight Kit:

1: 10"x20" Bi-Color LED Panel

2: Dimmer / Control Module: Control Brightness & Color Settings with LCD Screen. Has ports for Battery / AC Power and Light Port. LCD Screen Displays Brightness from 0-100 and Color Temperature from 2800k-6500k.

3. Diffuser: Cloth Diffuser. Completely Flexible with 4 Velcro Straps allowing for a secure connection to the light.

4. X-Bracket: Attaches to light and to standard 5/8" stud for light stand or C-Stand. Fully rotatable.

5. Carrying Case: Holds all of included accessories comfortably.

6. 2 x Extension Cables: AC Adapter Extension Cable (6 Feet), 4 pin extension cable (From light to Dimmer) - allowing the user to control the light from additional 6 feet (9 feet total)

7. Battery Plate: Choose Gold Mount or V-Mount

8. D-Tap Cable: D-Tap to mini 5-Pin

**CRI Rating 95-97 from Tungsten to Daylight

**0-120 Degree Beam Angle