Intellytech SOFTBOX LIGHT S8. 4"x6" Accent LED Light Kit - 5600K

Super Soft - Professional - Polished Accent Lighting


The Name: It's called the SoftBox light because it produces an amazingly soft, even, diffused quality of light. Achieving such a smooth, professional, polished look with most lights would require adding on a bulky and often expensive soft-box. With the SoftBox Light, it effortlessly gives the user an optimal Accent Light requiring no extra work or accessories.


The Technology: Ironically, it's less then 1 inch thick as opposed to the considerable size that soft-boxes add.  The SoftBox Light achieves it's unique effect using Edge-Lit Technology. The LED's are placed on the edge of the light, pointing to the center. The light is aimed inward and is bounced through the center of the light via the thick diffusion panel.


140 Degree Super Wide Beam Angle: Not only is the light incredibly easy on the eyes with it's soft quality, it also produces an amazingly wide beam angle of 140 degrees. Most lights without diffusion and softboxes added on create a mere 30 - 50 degree angle. The 140 degree beam angle appears natural on camera because the beam is so wide-spread and vast, appearing like the light is naturally in the room, as opposed to some lights which are too harsh and directional (a problem seen with many cheap on-camera or fill lights). The soft, wide angle also does a fantastic job of minimizing or completely avoiding shadows.


Ways To Use The Light:

  • -On-Camera Light: Many on-camera lights create hot spots and give the subject a 'deer in the headlights look'. Use this to add a natural looking light that encompasses the entire scene rather than just 30 degrees.
  • -Close-Up & Beauty Shots: This light can be placed extremely close to your subject and looks amazing on skin tones due to its super soft spread.
  • -Accent & Fill Lighting: Use this to the opposite side of the key on your subject, and it will make a fantasic shadowless fill light.
  • -Back Light: Place the SoftBox Light behind your subject to create distance between the background. The wide spread can help in creating a smooth silhouette, adding distance and depth from the background. Can be used to achieve a cinematic shallow depth of field.
  • -Shadow Filler: Remove annoying shadows by filling them in with the 140 degree spread.
  • -Eye Light: Add a glow to your subjects eyes while also making it easy for your subject to look into. With some LED lights you can see many dots reflecting in your subjects eyes giving an unnatural look. The SoftBox Light creates 1 constant reflecting light making it more believable.

The compact size allows you to put the light into tight spaces that were previously too difficult to add lights. Place them in cars or lamps, velcro them to walls or ceilings (weighing only 1 pound) or use them the old fashion way by attaching them directly to a light stand via its 1/4 x 20 thread or attach them to your camera via its included standard size shoe-mount. The SoftBox Light's wide and soft beam allow your subject to look directly into the light.


It's a Kit - Included is a large Sony NP-F750Mh hour battery, charger, shoe-mount, and AC Adapter. You can power this with the included battery or for longer run times you can plug it in with the AC Adapter. The light and all of its accessories fit into the included carrying case.


The SoftBox Light's super soft, wide light quality makes this light a tool that will enhance the look for a variety of video and photography situations.

Product Description

Intellytech SoftBox Light S8

Super Soft - Professional - Polished Accent Lighting

Kit includes:

  • S8 SoftBox Light - 4" (height) x 8" (width) x 1" (depth)
  • Sony NP-F750 Style Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Shoe Mount (to mount to camera)
  • AC Adapter (to power via outlet)
  • Carrying Case (hold all accessories & light)