Light Cannon - F-800 POWERHOUSE EDITION - Bi-Color LED Fresnel - 10" Lens W/ DMX & Wireless Control



The F-800 is a beast. More than two times brighter than our F-485, this Bi-Color LED Fresnel generates immense output while creating practically no heat. It has a color range of 3,000k-8,000k and can be controlled via DMX or the included wireless remote. 

*Please note that due to the high power draw, this unit has fans which cannot be turned off. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the DB levels at 0.2M and 0.5M.

Additional Info
Model No.   F-800
LEDs   Bi-Color
Wattage Draw   785W
Color Temperature   3000K-8000K
Beam Angle   20°-60°
CRI   95
Lux  (FLOOD)   1M:27200    3M:2640  5M1000
    7M:524   9M:330
Lux  (SPOT)   1M:111000      3M:11000   5M3800
    7M:2000    9M:1240
Dimensions   20.4×18.3×21.1"
Weight   38.5 Pounds
Noise Level (dB)    
Fan <100>   0.2M:57dB      0.5M:52.6dB
Fan <LOW>   0.2M:52.3dB      0.5M:45.4dB


Hybrid Cooling

The Light Cannon series have a fan that can be adjusted by the flick of a switch when sound is a concern. The fan reaches just 45.4db at 20". The LED life span also reaches up to 50'000+ hours of use equivalent to 15 years of day by day use / 10 hours a day.  

Strong & Lightweight Metal Frame

The metal body housing is made using stong, lightweight, and attractive aluminum with an amazing fit and finish, made for years of use in a professional environment. The metal is similar to the look, finish and feel of an Apple computer. The high strength tilt lock with teeth provides extremely secure locking, eliminating movement and slippage and ensuring that the fixtures will stay where you put them.

Wireless & DMX Control

All F-800's have a newly added feature allowing for both DMX and Wireless Control. Included is a Wireless Remote that mimics the design of the F-800 touch screen. Select the brightness level and color range wirelessly from up to 160 feet. You can control an F-800 individually, or you can control multiple F-800's simultaneosly with 1 remote. 

Digital Display

The F-800 features an LCD Touch-Screen providing the user with a high degree of control and plenty of information. Select the color and brightness level using the LCD screen or by using the control knobs.

High Output & CRI

Whether shooting in spot or flood mode, the F-800 Bi-Color provides the user with an extremely high output of 785 Watts making these brighter than many HMI's and 6,000W tungsten hot lights. The Light Cannon Series are capabale of filming large areas while generating no heat. They can be used outdoor's in daylight with impressive results. The light is rated at a CRI/TLCI of 95+ throughout the wide color spectrum to render beautiful and accurate images.

*Shooting slow motion? No problem! The Light Cannon LED series are flicker free and tested at 3'000 fps. The voltage is universal and works from 110v-240v.

No Output Loss W/ Bi-Color

Due to the F-800's uniqe LED design and wide color range of 3,000k-8,000k, the F-800 has nearly no output loss from 3,100k-7,900k as all of the LED's are left on. This eliminates the worry for output loss on a bi-color model. For this reason, we are only offering the F-800 in bi-color as there is no need or benifit for the Daylight only version. 

1 x F-800 Powerhouse Edition Light Cannon LED Fresnel
1 x Wireless Remote Control
1 x Metal barn-doors 4 leaf - on & off in seconds
1 x Yoke bar with combo mount 5/8" & 1-1/4" (16mm spigot)
1 x Power cable with USA plug