Nitro NPF Daylight - 70W LED Panel Kit

Item Number: 177005

High Power in a Small Package

The Nitro NPF Daylight packs in an abnormally high power load of 70W for such a compact light (12" x 7.5" x 1.25").

Direct Light - High CRI/TLCI

Built with 45 Degree, Daylight LED's, the Nitro NPF has a beam angle between a Spot and a Flood. The CRI Measures in at a CRI of 97 Rated at 5600k.

Sold as a Full Kit

The Nitro NPF includes Barn-Doors, Diffusion, Tungsten Gel, AC/DC Power Adapter, Remote Control (for wireless control), DMX Cable, and a Power Cable. The Barn-doors and diffuser simply slide in and out for fast setup time.  

DMX & 2.4GHz Wireless Control

When not controlling the Nitro EX by hand, the user has the option to control the light via DMX-512 or 2.4GHz (for wireless control via Remote). Included is a DMX Ethernet RJ-45 cable & port as well as a 2.4GHz Remote to control both the intensity and color selection wirelessly.