Pocket Cannon - Focusable LED Fresnel Kit


The Pocket Cannon is focusable from 20-50 degrees via the knob located on the rear of the housing.

Passive Cooling

The Pocket Cannon is fanless, making it completely silent. The light is cooled via the built-in heat sink.

Metal Frame

The metal body housing is made using strong, lightweight, and attractive aluminum with an amazing fit and finish, made for years of use in a professional environment.

Variety of Power Options

Power the Pocket Cannon with the included AC Adapter, Gold Mount / V-Mount Plate (choose one), or Sony NP-F (L-Series) to V-Mount battery converter (only comes with V-Mount, not available for Gold Mount).

External Dimmer & Battery Plate System

The Pocket Cannon has an external Controller allowing the user to change dimmer levels or swap batteries without taking the light down from a stand. The external Controller also provides a lower center of gravity when mounted below the light.

For users wanting to have the light and Controller mounted together, that can also be done by sliding the Controller onto the light's yoke.

High Output & CRI

Whether shooting in spot or flood mode, the Pocket Cannon provides the user with a high level of output for such a small, portable fixture. To help increase the light's output, the Pocket Cannon is fitted with a super thick glass lens, amplifying the light. Both the Tungsten and Daylight Pocket Cannon's produce a CRI of 97.

*Shooting slow motion? No problem! The Light Cannon LED series are flicker free and tested at 3'000 fps. The voltage is universal and works from 110v-240v.

Sold as a Kit

All Pocket Cannons include an External Controller, Battery Plate of your Choice (Gold-Mount/V-Mount), Barn-Doors, and a Molded Carrying Case to perfectly hold everything included in the kit.

Variety of Light Modifiers Available in Affordable Kit

Snoot, Honeycomb Grid, Light Globe, Orange Yellow, Blue, Diffused Filters, and Softbox are available as a kit for only $149!



Distance Spot (20 Degrees) Flood (50 Degrees) Color
1 Meter 7,743 Lux / 719 FC 2,860 Lux / 226 FC 5600k
2 Meters 2,050 Lux / 191 FC 731 Lux /  68 FC 5600k
3 Meters 920 Lux / 86 FC 349 Lux / 32 FC 5600k
4 Meters 398 Lux / 37 FC 152 Lux / 14 FC 5600k



Distance Spot (20 Degrees) Flood (50 Degrees) Color
1 Meter 7,040 Lux / 654 FC 2,430Lux / 226 FC 3200k
2 Meters 1,800Lux / 167 FC 606 Lux / 56 FC 3200k
3 Meters 749Lux / 70 FC 292Lux / 27 FC 3200k
5 Meters 333 Lux / 31 FC 130 Lux / 12 FC 3200k


Product Description

 **Please note this is a Pre-Order. Items will ship by 8/17/2017. Get yours before our first batch sells out!

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