Pocket Cannon Mini - 2 Light Kit

Item Number: 173038

Single Source, Round LED - 150W Equivalent: The LED creates an attractive, round light that can be cut an controlled with the included barn-doors. The dimmer knob placed at the top of the light allows for quick and easy control of the light from 0-100%. Say goodbye to your old 150W Incandescent, and hello to the 15W, Pocket Cannon Mini.

Small & Versatile -Measuring in at just 3.9" x 4.4" and weighing only 1.2 LBS, the Pocket Cannon Mini can be used in a variety of ways. Included is both a shoe mount adapter as well as a 5/8" stud mount. This allows you to use the Pocket Cannon Mini as an on-camera light during one shoot, and as a fill or accent light on another.

AC & DC Power: Additionally, the Pocket Cannon Mini can be powered via both battery or AC power (each are included). The low power draw of just 15W works with practically any NPF (L-Series) battery, and the AC adapter simply plugs into the back of the light.

Removable Lens 55 or 160 Degree Light: With the Lens on, the Pocket Cannon Mini emits light at 55 degrees. When screwing the lens off, the spread changes to a super wide and soft 160 degrees.

Sold as a Kit Including:

  • 2x 15W (150W Equivalent) Lights
  • 2x Removable Barn-Doors, 5/8" Mount (to mount on a light stand),
  • 2x Cold Shoe Mount (to mount on-camera 
  • 2x Removable Lens
  • 2x Sony NPF-550 Battery / Battery Charger
  • 2x AC Adapter W/ Power Cord
  • 1x Accessory Kit Including: Softbox, Snoot W/ 2 Removable Patterns, Filter Set (Diffused, Orange, Yellow, Blue), Honeycomb Grid, Adapter Plate (Used to attach modifiers).
  • 1x Hard Carrying Case that fits everything inside.


CRI / TLCI: 97+

Distance Output
1 Meter 1,100 Lux / 102 FC
2 Meter 290 Lux / 27 FC


Dimensions: 3.9" x 4.4"

Weight: 1.2 LBS.