Pocket-LiteCloth - Foldable Bi-Color LED Mat Kit

U.S. Patent No. 10,734,441

Overview - The Pocket-LC is a bi-color, 40 Watt, foldable 10x10" LED Mat. It folds down to just 5"x10x"1.75"  making it extremely portable. Throw a few of these in a backpack and you're set! 

Modification Out of the Box - Each LC-50 comes with a half china ball.

Tremendous Output - Reaching 40 Watts, the Pocket-LC is equivalent to a 400 Watt Tungsten Soft Light. Even without using the included half china ball, the Pocket-LC creates a vast spread that will wrap around your subject. 

Works as a Traditional Panel or On-Camera Light Both an on-camera and light stand mount are included making the Pocket-LC a light you're able to use in a variety of settings. 

Power Via Battery or AC - The Pocket-LC includes NPF-750 Batteries as well as an AC Adapter.

Sold as a Full Kit:

  • Foldable LED Mat
  • Half China Ball Diffusion
  • 5/8 Mount with 1/4x20 thread (for light stand mounts)
  • On-Camera Mount with Shoe Mount & 1/4x20 thread
  • 2x NPF-750 Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 2x Travel Chargers
  • AC Adapter w/ US Power Plug (EU / UK/ AU plugs available upon request)
  • Carrying Case to hold all of the above


  • 1.2 pounds
  • 10" x 10" to 5" x 10"

Output Ratings:

Distance Mixed Color Temp. 3,000k 10,000k
3 Feet 1,330 Lux / 124 FC 1,320 Lux / 127 FC 1430 Lux / 133 FC


Accurate CRI and TLCI Ratings:

Color Temperature CRI  TLCI
3,000k 97 98
5,600k 95 96
10,000k 94 93