Socanland 50CTD 1'X1' Bi-Color LED Light Panel

Socanland 50CTD Version 4.0


This light has a color temperature knob and a dimming knob. The dimmer allows you to change the brightness level seamlessly from 0~100%. The bi-color knob allows you to mix color temperature from 3200k Tungsten, 5600k Daylight, or anywhere in between. The LED’s change color temperature electronically, without filters, resulting in extremely accurate color temperatures. If you are in a mixed-light setting (like being indoors next to a window), you can mix the color temperature to perfectly match your setting. The bi-color feature is also great for working with skin tones to create the perfect look. This light produces no heat. With 50 Watts and 1156 LED’s, this light is extremely bright and powerful.


Socanland 50-CTD Photometrics:





  • 1 Meter (3.3 Feet)  

  • 3300 lux

  • 3200 lux

  • 4 Feet

  • 2600 lux

  • 2400 lux

  • 5 Feet

  • 1700 lux

  • 1500 lux

  • 6 Feet

  • 1200 lux

  • 1000 lux

  • 7 Feet

  • 890 lux

  • 750 lux


Socanland Panel's Bi-Color Advantage: Our Socanland bi-color LED models are the brightest on the market because the the bi-color models have double the amount of LED's compared to the single color models. Doing so assures that there is absolutely no loss in output when comparing the brightness levels of the bi-color models to the single color models. Other manufacturers keep the amount of LED's the same on their bi-color models as their single color models.


  • Power: 50 Watts (650 Watt Equiv.)

  • Included Accessories: AC Adapter, Yoke (standard 5/8"), Battery Plate (choose from either Anton Bauer Gold Mount or V-Mount)

  • CRI: 95+. No Green Tint. No Magenta Tint. 

  • Weight: 4 Pounds (3 pounds if the yoke is removed for hand-held shots)

  • LED Info: Count = 1156. Beam Angel = 60° (Flood). Life = 50,000 + Hours

  • Dimmer: 0-100%

  • Dimensions: 1' x 1' x 2'"  

  • Input power: DC14.8 Volts

  •  Warranty: 1 Year

  • Model Number: Socanland 50-CTD (YSMG-L322/562-50C)

Product Description

Item Number: 174018 (AB) / 174019 (V)

*This is the newest version. Upgraded, Higher CRI LED's (no green) rated at 95+, bent/stronger yoke for increased support & more flexibility with barn-doors. Added side slot on the yoke which allows the light to be fully rotated with the barn-doors on. Added Corner Protectors and new Knobs.


Battery Mount
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