Socanland AC/DC Adapter - 4 Pin XLR Power Supply

Product Description

Item Number: 175014 (AB, for 1x1 lights aka 50 Series) / 175015 (V, for 1x1 lights aka 50 Series)

175016 (AB, for 100W lights aka all Nova's), 175017 (V, for 100W lights aka all Nova's), 

*Please note that an AC Adapter is already included with the purchase of any Socanland LED Light Panel. There is no need to purchase this if you are ordering a light from us unless you would like an extra.


  • Input Voltage:  100v-240v •__ 50/60 Hz 1.5 A Max
  • Output Voltage:  16V‰_Ò4.5A
  • 4 pin female XLR output
  • Pin 1 negative, Pin 4 positive

This AC/DC Power Supply can be used to power any of our 50 or 30 Series Socanland light panels.  The product also may be used to power other DC powered "XLR in" products such as a field monitor. Also included with the AC Adapter is a power cord.


*You can also purchase an AC Adapter for our Nova Series (100 Watts). Just select the 100 Watt Power Option, $10 extra.


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