Socanland ENG-30 Fresnel Light - Bi-Color


  • Item Number: 173008
  • CRI: 90-93 between 3200k-5600k
  • 1100 lux at 1 meter
  • fully dimmable from 0-100%
  • change focus from 20 spot light to 70 degree flood light
  • can attach to light stand via standard 1/4 x 20" thread or can attach to on-camera via included shoe mount

The Socanland ENG-30 is one of the most capable lights on the market. Use it as a fill, hair light, back light, or as an on-camera. The reason its so capable is because it offers the combination of a 20-70 focus adjustment along with a 3200k-5600k color adjustment in a small, light frame that is powered via a NP-F Series battery. The light weighs only 1 pound so it can go anywhere and travels with ease.


Includes: NP-F550 Battery with charger, shoe mount (standard size to attach to camera), barn-doors, case