SUPER-NOVA - 200 Watt, 5600k Daylight Panel. 1x1, 60 Degree Flood

Item Number: 174022


The SUPER-NOVA is the brightest 1x1 panel by leaps and bounds. Reaching an astonishing 200 Watt output this LED Panel is equivalent to a 2,000W traditional hot light while staying cool-to-the-touch.

This model is truly 2 times brighter than our original 100W Nova. The flood model is equipped with 2,304 60 degree LED's creating, even, soft beautiful light rated at a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 95. For those looking for a punchier, more directional light, we also offer the SUPER-NOVA in a 30 Degree Spot version.

Each SUPER-NOVA Includes: AC Adapter, Barn-Doors, Diffusion, and a Single Carrying Case.

Read below to see its impressive specs and output ratings which blow our competitors away.

*Important Note: Because this light is so powerful, if battery (DC) power is needed, a separate 24V-14.8V Battery Converter is required