The One-Two Punch (1) x 1'x'1 100W Bi-Color Nova CTD + (1) x 1'x1' Bi-Color 50CTD + Batteries

Product Description
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This light kit includes everything you need to get you going. 

1x 1'x1' 50CTD/D-50CTD (Bi-Color Dimmable) + , Barn Doors, and Diffusion

1x 1'x1' NOVA CTD (Bi-Color Dimmable) +, Barn Doors, and Diffusion

1x 230Wh Li-Ion Battery + Free Charger

1x 160Wh Li-Ion Battery + Free Charger

+Two Light Carrying Case which can hold all of the included accessories


This kit provides maximum portability and flexibility by combining two 1'x1' LED Panels and all of their accessories. You can use the powerful 100W Bi-Color NOVA CTD as your key light and use the 50CTD as an excellent fill light. This combo kit also includes two batteries (1x 230Wh for the NOVA & 1x 160Wh for the 50CTD) and  to keep you shooting for at least 4 hours. Cases provide a quick and easy way to move and store the light and included accessories.

Digital Screen
Battery Mount