The REAL BIG BOY - Socanland 310Wh LCD Battery - Gold Mount or V-Mount

The Socanland REAL BIG BOY 310 Watt Hour Battery is the largest broadcast battery available on the market. Reaching 20.9Ah, it can handle extremely high power loads making it great for high powered devices like lights and demanding cameras.

Weighing just 3.2 pounds, it also features a 1.8 inch color LCD screen showing the remaining battery life in both minutes and watt hours as well as the DC Output. The screen also offers a live view of the current charging status.

The battery features both a D-Tap port and a newly added 5.0V USB port. With these two extra power connectors, the battery can be used as a battery plate powering multiple devices. Like all Socanland batteries, the 280Wh features safety protection including over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection. Included is a 12 month warranty.

*This can be used with any broadcast camera including but not limited to: all Red models, BMCC, Sony FS700, and more.



-Available in Gold Mount or V-Mount

-3.2 pounds, 6.3" long x 4" wide x  3" deep

-Sanyo Cells, Lithium-Ion

-Voltage: 14.8V / DC: 16.75

-20.9 Amp Hours (Ah)