Two Point Light Kits - Choose From 5 Choices

There are 5 different kit variations you can choose from.

*Included with all kits is a 2 x light carrying case along with 2 x barn-doors, 2 x diffusion, 2 x AC, 2 x yoke. The battery plate of your choice is included at no extra charge (Anton Bauer or V-Mount). 


Get everything together by ordering 2 lights with the following kit options:


 Choose from the following 5 kit variations 

A) 2 x 50CTD Light Kit

B) 2 x D-50CTD Light Kit

C) 2 x Nova-CTD Light Kit

D) 2 x Nova-CTD Spot Light Kit

E) 1 x Nova-CTD + 1 x Nova-CTD Spot Light Kit


About the Case: 

The case can comfortably hold two 1x1 LED Light Panels with the barn-doors, diffusion, and yoke attached. The case can also hold 2 x AC adapters, 2 batteries, and 2 x chargers.

Even though this is considered a soft case, it is thoroughly protected by an ample amount of padding on the outer shell. There are two adjustable padded inserts that can be configured to fit the video professional's needs. Its durable, reinforced design protects and secures each individual light in the bag, keeping them protected and scratch free. This bag is equipped with high-strength dual zippers and a strap for added security. The padded side handles and heavy-duty padded shoulder strap provide multiple transportation options for ones convenience. This case is made from high-end materials and is made to last.

*Light stands can be attached to the top handle as well

Dimensions: 16" (height) x 15" (width) x 10" (depth) *in inches*