Pocket Cannon LED Fresnels


Big Output. Small Package

With the Glass Lens attached the Pocket Cannon is capable of producing direct, bright light equivalent to 400W-500W Hot Lights. The Pocket Cannon consumes only 30 Watts of power, however, the powerful LED combined with the pronounced, Glass Lens makes this unit brighter than most other LED's consuming more than 60 Watts of power.

Pocket Cannon Accessory Light Modifier kit for LED Fresnel Lights for Video, Filmmaking, and Photography


Focusable & Variety of Light Modifiers Available

The Pocket Cannon is focusable from 20-160 degrees via the knob (located on the rear of the housing). When the Glass Lens is attached the unit can focus from 20-50 Degrees for bright, direct light. When the Lens is removed the unit can focus from 60-160 Degrees to create a soft, wide reaching cast.

When wanting to achieve even more control, the Pocket Cannon has a variety of Light Modifiers available. Sold as a Kit Including: Snoot, Honeycomb Grid, Light Globe, Orange Yellow, Blue, Diffused Filters, and Softbox.

Pocket Cannon - Focusable LED Fresnel Kit

From $335.00

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